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About Our App

We created edplus360 after seeing the need to shift school and classroom management from a manual, tedious process to an automated, efficient process that promotes communication, simplifies tasks and improves academic visibility. After consulting with schools about the need for a comprehensive solution that would provide digital management of the classroom, edplus360 was born. Edplus360 is an end-to-end solution that manages all the requirements to facilitate a school.

Revolutionize your school with edplus360

Edplus360 streamlines school assignments, increases collaboration and enhances classroom communication to make teaching more impactful.

Web & Mobile

Access edplus360 online or through the convenient mobile app. Manage your account anytime, anywhere.


Teachers and supporting staff get instant access to assignments and student information. The ability to make real-time updates increases productivity and efficiency.

Parents & Students

Edplus360 enables teachers, parents, and staff to interact in a central location, creating an environment of transparency and collaboration.

Dynamic Features

The dynamic features built into edplus360 bring every aspect of school management into one place including student admission, student onboarding, teacher management, parent engagement, accounting, attendance, library management, e-learning, assignments, grading, and reporting.

Highly Customisable

No two schools are alike. That’s why edplus360 is completely customisable and can be easily configured for your unique school setup.


Affordable pricing terms make it easy for any school to use edplus360.

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How The App Works

Activate your Account

We create an account for your school on edplus360 within minutes.

Integrate Data

Existing data is migrated to edplus360.


Training is scheduled for all users and edplus360 administrators on campus. Learn how to get the most out of edplus360.

Go-live & Support

Your school’s success is our success. Responsive support is offered 24/7 to make sure you get value out of edplus360.

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